In Victoria a gathering of 20-30 white supremacists in the Grampians National Park has concerned locals and the local Aboriginal cooperative.

Residents of the region in western Victoria told police an estimated 20 to 30 men rallied in the national park over the weekend.

Police investigated reports the group were wearing balaclavas and chanting white power slogans and “Heil Hitler” as well as placing stickers advertising the group on walking trails.

Police told media that they spoke to the group and identified that no laws were being broken.

Luke Baker of the Goolum Goolum Aboriginal Cooperative said group’s chanting of white power slogans was an act of violence that has a significant impact on people.

The Grampians National Park – known as Gariwerd – has been the home of Djab Wurrung and Jardwardjali people for tens of thousands of years, and is home to a rich collection of rock art paintings and art motifs.

Australian intelligence agencies have warned far-right extremist groups have become a “real and growing” threat, with investigations into far-right extremism making up between 30 and 40 per cent of Asio’s caseload in counterterrorism work.

However no far-right group has as yet been labelled a terrorist organisation.