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We offer a one-stop shop to government, corporate and community businesses who seek to connect and communicate with First Nations communities across Australia. For over two decades, NIRS has successfully serviced this market as a First Nations Broadcasting Service owned and managed by First Nations Community Broadcasters from across Australia.

We offer many sponsorship opportunities based upon our schedule, a BMADE schedule or Run-of-Station. We also offer opportunities within this website and the NIRS News Online.

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Sponsor Strategies

Our Sponsorship Strategies include:

• To increase awareness of NIRS programs and raise the quality of these as they seek to close the gap and achieve First Nation Advancement;
• Increase listening audiences by offering a diverse and high quality program that raise awareness of First Nations Community issues;
• Seek sponsors from a wide array of federal and state government departments including health, housing, employment and public policy;
• Establish partnerships with advertising agencies to assist with our sponsorship strategy.