The head of the ACT’s Aboriginal medical service says the forced stripping of an Aboriginal female prison inmate is not an isolated incident. 

The 37-year old woman has alleged she was forcibly stripped naked by guards in full view of male inmates.

The woman, who suffers from a serious heart condition and is a sexual assault survivor, made the allegations in a letter seen by the Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal health centre chief executive Julie Tongs.

According to the letter written by the woman, she became upset on the day of the incident after learning she had been denied permission to attend the funeral of her grandmother due to “logistics.”

The woman alleges she had spent time in isolation in the weeks previous and became upset that she might be returned there.

She alleges her clothes were cut off of her by four female officers in sight of a number of male detainees.

Ms Tongs says the treatment alleged in the letter shows “complete disregard” for the woman’s dignity and past trauma.

Ms Tongs said she had written to the ACT corrections minister Mick Gentleman calling for an independent investigation into the incident as well as a larger inquiry into alleged racism inside the Alexander Maconochie prison.