A past Order of Australia recipient who is now living in a tent is calling for the Northern Territory and Federal Governments to boost investment for housing in homelands.

In 2010, Yolngu leader and artist Djambawa Marawili AM was recognised with an Order of Australia award for his contributions to the arts and preservation of Aboriginal culture.

Mr Marawili has also been recognised with two National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards as well as sitting on government advisory bodies and boards.

His house, like many in his community of Baniyala, is falling apart and he is now living in a tent in his yard.

He says he feels ashamed being an AM recipient living in a tent.

Mr Marawili says homelands are a safe place where we can live and stay and work on our own tribal country.

Housing funds for remote NT homelands has been a serious concern since the previous CLP Government took responsibility for homelands in exchange for a $155 million in 2015.

The NT Government says it realises it must do more for homelands with Infrastructure Minister, Eva Lawler saying there is work underway with the Federal Government.