Mitch Tambo has come a long way since making the final of Australia’s Got Talent in 2019. 

Since then, he’s signed to Sony Music Australia, performed at Expo 2020 in Dubai, and earlier this year released a Gamilaraay language version of the Icehouse classic, ‘Great Southern Land’. 

Now he’s following that up with an original self-penned song, ‘Yugal Yulu-Gi’ (song and dance) which he describes as a bunch of people coming together to celebrate. 

“I think it (the song) poses that question, that no matter what we go through in life, no matter how hard it gets, or how low it gets, we have the opportunity to start to heal and to access our own healing. 

What better way to start, to find that freedom, then with your own community and friends out there under the beautiful open night sky, just letting go to a great song or great music”.

Tambo describes the upbeat high energy song as a ‘banger’ and says it came to him while he was on his way to a songwriting session. 

“So I originally was just cruising in the car, and it just came to me, Yugal Yulu-Gi, Yugal Yulu-Gi, Yugal Yulu-Gi and thought it could be a cool little hook.

I went into the songwriting session and was like, ‘I haven’t really come with much, but I’ve got this kind of vibe and I reckon it could be cool’ and started singing Yugal Yulu-Gi. Then we started to craft the verses and I started to really work out what I wanted to say”.

Tambo says his music is naturally “anthemic” and “cinematic, it’s bult for a stadium” and encapsulates the feeling of this new single perfectly.

Yugal Yulu-Gi is out now through Sony Music Australia and available on all streaming and music buying platforms. Listen here.