Leader of the Opposition Peter Dutton and Shadow Attorney-General Julian Leeser have agreed to attend another meeting with the referendum working group again after a productive meeting yesterday afternoon.

The pair were formerly invited by the Prime Minister in order to have engagement from both parties, an attempt to potentially establish bipartisan support for the referendum.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese thanked the working group for their work so far.

“I want to thank all of the Referendum Working Group for the hard work that you’re doing.

I know you’ll be hearing from the Leader of the Opposition later this afternoon. That’s a good thing. I’ve encouraged him and Julian Leeser to engage.

I want everyone possible to be a part of this journey towards reconciliation, this important next step. And my door has been open the whole way through,” he said.

The meeting was mainly a presentation summarising the Uluru dialogues with, according to shadow minister Julian Lesser, little time to discuss details.

Speaking to the press, Leeser asked for the Prime Minister and the working group to engage with the LNP and answer Dutton’s lingering questions regarding the finer details of the referendum and the proposed advisory body.

Image Credit: Timothy Tobing