With January 26th just two days away plans for Invasion Day protests are advancing across the country for what is expected the biggest year for demonstrations.

Aside from discussions of changing the date of Australia Day, the ongoing debate for enshrining an Indigenous voice to parliament is set to be throughout protesting and media coverage with groups supporting the referendum whilst others disapprove.

One of the main organisers for Perth’s Invasion Day protests Marianne Mackay says it’s important to acknowledge the trauma that is associated with the day.

“It’s important for us to have these protests because we need to let the public know that having the celebration of Australia day and especially on that day that it’s very traumatising and upsetting for Aboriginal People because it represents the dispossession of our land, and the start of a cultural genocide,” Mackay said.

Another one of the protest’s key organisers is Megan Krakouer who says that the protesting also gives the Indigenous community the opportunity to address systemic issues First Nation’s people face every day.

She says “it’s also about the intergenerational trauma and the issues that are now present today because of the way Australia was acquired.

You only have to look at the incarcerations, the deaths in custody the child removals, and the homelessness these are prevalent right across our communities and across the country.

We come together for this one goal and that is about recognising the fact that Australia was always here and was always here to the First Nation’s people of Australia,” Krakouer said.

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Image credit: Matt Hrkac