The Prime Minister announced the recommitment of all first ministers across the country in enshrining an Indigenous voice to the national parliament, at Friday’s national cabinet meeting.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said that the ministers signing a statement of intent will help ensure a successful referendum.

“It’s very good, today we reaffirmed the support of all governments from all states and territories for constitutional recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, including through a constitutionally enshrined voice to the parliament.

The states and territories met this week and determined to sign on to a Statement of Intent to achieve this important reform for Australia’s national interest later this year when the referendum is held, and to indicate through a signing of the Statement of Intent, the commitment that all states and territories have for this vital reform,” he said.

The national cabinet was also met by Indigenous advocate and Joint Council on Closing the Gap, Pat Turner who discussed ways the state and federal governments could address the various disadvantages facing Indigenous communities.

Albanese called Turner a powerful advocate and a great Australian, and addressed that more needs to be done to close the gap.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons