While thousands of people gathered in Canberra on Friday for National Sorry Day commemorations, the family of Mr Freeman, a man who died in Custody at Alexander Maconochie Centre last year, used the day to march and fight for justice.

His family gathered at Regatta Point with hundreds of supporters for the march across the Commonwealth Bridge.

Mr Freeman’s autopsy report revealed toxic amounts of methadone in his system at the time of death, despite a coronial inquest highlighting no evidence of opioids use in the past.

His family lead the march of hundreds proudly wearing Mr Freeman’s favourite colour red,

Hoodies with Mr Freemans face and date of life printed across the front were provided by Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service who also organised the event.

Wiradjuri woman and first cousin of Mr Freeman, Keinita (Kin-eta) Collins was at the front of the march and told NIRS News it was a very emotional day for all involved as it was also the first anniversary of his death.


The Inquest into Mr Freemans death has been adjourned until August.

(IMAGE: Katie Burgess Twitter)