A newly announced study from the University of Southern Australia into the issues facing young teachers will seek to find out ways to give them the job security they need.

The report will tackle findings from a separate report from 2019 which found that 60 per cent of new teachers were employed on a casual basis or on contracts of less than a year.

The study comes as the industry faces a national teaching shortage with schools across metropolitan cities and rural regions scrambling for educators.

The study’s chief investigator Anna Sullivan says that currently, new teachers employed on a casual basis face added pressure than full time teachers as they’re often seeking fulltime employment.

She says “They’re always under scrutiny, always being watched, and checked out … but when they’re employed and looking for their next job, they tend to not ask for help which is a big problem.”

Sullivan added that due to how the industry functions often casual teachers have a higher workload than inducted teachers.

University of South Australia’s Professor Anna Sullivan

Image Credit: Ewan McIntosh