An Aboriginal man who was charged with assaulting and resisting police after being tasered in a police station has had his convictions overturned in the Supreme Court.

24-year-old Johannes Mangurra was arrested by police at the Numbulwar Police station in August 2019 after voluntarily attending the station to pay fines.

On arrival Mr Mangurra was told he would have to be arrested due to a parole order that was unknown to him.

Mr Mangurra, who speaks English as a third language, asked to speak to his lawyer but was refused and was then sprayed with capsicum spray and then tasered in disturbing footage caught on police body cameras.

This week’s ruling follows a lengthy court battle, with Supreme Court Justice Judith Kelly finding police could have avoided the need for force.

Justice Kelly said given the “unusual” circumstances of the arrest, police could easily have prioritised putting Mr Mangurra in touch with his lawyer rather than escalating the situation.

Gabriel Chipkin from the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency says the decision is “reassuring.”