Police in the rural NSW town of Bourke are working to break down negative perceptions of the town with a new successful domestic violence program.

Operation Solidarity, is a pilot police program that allows police to regularly engage with domestic violence offenders and victims

The Darling Rivers Local Area Command’s crime manager, Rod Grant told the ABC, despite Bourke having the highest domestic violence rates in the state, since the program was implemented rates have lowered 24.5% in just 2 years

The success comes from police conducting routine check ins to ensure both parties are complying with conditions of orders.

Officers offer potential repeat offenders assistance with referral to organizations to give them help to change their behaviour.

They also proactively engage with victims of domestic violence by visiting them to check they understand the conditions of domestic violence orders and referring them to support organisations

Operation Solidarity has attracted attention from police departments across the nation, officers are travelling to Bourke to learn more about the program.




(IMAGE:Kim Davies)