A video of a young Aboriginal man being detained by police in Cairns has gone viral sparking police to review body camera footage of the incident due to bullying allegations.

On Monday the 22nd,  mobile phone footage of police attempting to detain 17 year old Dylan O’Connor was uploaded to Facebook receiving 400 000 views.

Mr O’Connor was headed to Woolworths in Cairns’ CBD with a group of young men. It’s reported that Police witnessed an African male handing Mr O’Connor a bag that they believed contained stolen goods.

NIRS NEWS obtained audio from the Facebook video.

A Police Spokesman could not tell NITV why officers suspected the teenager of stealing.

Mr O’Connor claims police searched his bag and after discovering nothing was stolen they still proceeded to use excessive force, arrested him and kept him in the back of a patty wagon for 15 minuets

Mr O’Connor took to Facebook to express his disbelief writing in a status “This is unacceptable I am 17. Useless bullies hiding behind the uniform they wear to serve and protect”

The investigation is ongoing.



IMAGE: Dyaln O’Connor Facebook