In South Australia the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) Board released a five year strategy for Aboriginal Education on Tuesday at a forum for principals and other school leaders.

Although the number of completions rate for Indigenous students have more then doubled from 144 in 2012 to a record of 322 last year under the previous version of the strategy The Advertiser revealed in December that around a third of all public school students were not finishing the SACE

The new strategy documents intents on focusing on the significant proportion of Aboriginal students who are not actively working towards achieving their SACE with implementing successful supports such as tutoring and mentoring by past students, fostering aboriginal leadership and allowing the students and family to share and practice culture.

The Education Minister Susan Cole has said “We must have high expectations and aspirations for our indigenous students and put effort into planning how each individual can achieve their own goals.” She further commented on the matter saying that for an Aboriginal Student achieving the SACE qualification leads to further education opportunities, training, employment, financial security and will lead to better personal well being.