The BBC has apologised for misleading viewers following a documentary that followed British actor Reggie Yates into the Community Wilcannia

Hidden Australia: Black in the Outback was a production that focused on alcohol abuse in the town which sparked outrage within the Barkindji community who claimed the production featured scenes of parties and heavy drinking, residents said that while they recognised alcohol abuse as a problem in the community the Documentary failed to acknowledge the positive aspects of the community and failed to provide a solution for the issue.

It featured scenes of locals drinking alcohol at the home of Barkindji man Owen Whyman, but did not explain the gathering was a wake following the funeral of a close friend and prominent community member but instead made it seem like a wild binge drinking event. Mr Whyman said he was disgusted when he watched the production, presented by British actor and television personality Reggie Yates

The ABC has been told that despite the focus on alcohol abuse, the producers supplied a case of beer for adults to drink when they arrived at the wake. “Reggie goes on national TV and says he doesn’t drink, he doesn’t like alcohol, yet his crew can bring alcohol to our parties,” Mr Whyman said.

Mr Whyman said producers had not gained permission to be included from many of the subjects in the documentary, and that producers said the production would be a positive look at life in the town.

Despite claims The BBC said it had been told by Sundog Pictures that participants had given their consent to be filmed “at every stage”, “And were given a clear understanding of the program’s aims.”





Feature Image Source: BBC