The financial collapse of the troubled funeral insurance company Youpla, formerly known as the Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund, has left some Aboriginal families unable to afford to bury their loved ones.

The collapse of Youpla Group last month was preceded by months of calls for a compensation scheme for the more than 13,000 Aboriginal people who face losing all the money they’ve put into the funeral fund.

Labor has pledged to establish an inquiry into the collapse of the group if elected but the Morrison government continues to dismiss calls for compensation for families.

It comes amid revelations that families in at least two states have been forced to leave the bodies of loved ones in morgues for several weeks while attempting to raise the money to pay for a funeral.

Barada-Gabalbara woman Kali Sailor told The Guardian she and her husband stand to lose
more than $16,000 and have been left feeling frustrated and stressed.

Ms Sailor said government offers of a state-sponsored funeral were not good enough and wants to see the federal government step in and offer compensation for families.