For the first time in three-years, Territory Day is set to return to its full scale glory with concerts and community events this Friday.

On 1 July 1978, the Northern Territory became self-governing (from the Commonwealth). It’s also a chance for Territorians to celebrate everything they love about the Northern Territory and what it means to be a Territorian.

It’s also an opportunity to blow stuff up, with fireworks available to purchase from licensed retailers between the hours of 9am and 9pm, the only day of the year pyrotechnics are allowed to be sold to the public.

Territorians can then light their newly obtained crackers between 6pm and 11pm on that same day, as long as they keep them away from community events and noise levels below 115 decibels.

NT Authorities are urging everyone to enjoy a safe Territory Day and keep in mind that, while fireworks are fun, they can be dangerous.

Remember to take precautions to protect yourself and those around you; clear the area of all dry material such as grass and mulch; have a bucket of sand, and a hose or a couple of buckets of water handy; and read and follow all warnings and instructions.

Click here for First Aid advice.