The latest Guardian Essential poll shows support for the Indigenous voice has retained majority support although opposition to it has hardened.

The poll of 1,136 voters found those who described themselves as a “hard no” against the voice was up three points to 26 per cent while “soft no’s” was down by three points to 14 per cent.

People who say they are a “hard yes” for the voice represented 32 per cent while 27 per cent were a “soft yes.”

The poll was conducted a day after Liberal MP Julian Leeser resigned from the shadow frontbench over the Liberal party’s decision to officially oppose the voice.

Meanwhile the opposition leader, Peter Dutton, recorded a net approval rating of minus eight – with 44 per cent of respondents saying they disapproved of his performance.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese recorded a net favourability rating of plus 15 per cent with 51 per cent off respondents approving and 36 per cent disapproving.