Monday’s taping of Q+A will be last time host Stan Grant will lead discussions for an indefinite period of time.

In an online article posted on Friday, Grant announced he would be walking away from the ABC’s Flagship program over a lack of support from ABC staff and producers following an influx of racial abuse.

Grant has faced heightened levels of abuse following his guest appearance on the ABC’s coverage of the King’s Coronation where he spoke about colonialism.

In the article, the Wiradjuri journalist highlighted the orginisation’s “institutional failure” saying no one at the ABC has provided public support against the abuse or refuted the misinformation about Grant’s control of the coverage.

On the weekend, ABC managing director David Anderson issued a statement saying “I apologies to Stan. The ABC endeavors to support its staff in the unfortunate moments when there is external abuse directed at them.”

On Monday, Indigenous workers, staff of colour and other ABC staff walked out of the ABC’s Headquarters in Sydney in solidarity with Grant.

Speaking at the rally, the ABC’s head of Indigenous news Suzanne Dredge.

“This is a real turning point for the media, and I’m so proud that all of you are here, not just Indigenous journalists but journalists of all backgrounds to support the racism the racism and vilification that Stan Grant and other First Nations and diverse Journalists have been subjected to for way too long.

“We need everybody to stand and say ‘enough is enough.’

“We are allowed to do our jobs without experiencing racism,” she said.

During Monday night’s episode, Grant addressed those who delivered the threats.

Listen to Grant’s address here:

Image Credit: ABC Via Youtube