The Federal Department of Social Services says a meeting later in the year will look at how survivors of institutional abuse can access redress if they have missed out on the National Redress Scheme.

The comment follows news that survivors of the Retta Dixon Home, which was in Darwin, will not have access to the National Redress Scheme.

This is due to the Australian Indigenous Ministries, which ran the home, having their application to join the scheme rejected.

The department says the reason the application was rejected was because it was unable to demonstrate their capacity to pay redress for current and any possible future applicants over the life of the Scheme.

To force institutions to join the scheme by the December 2020 deadline, Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed that he would remove the charitable status and deny government grants to those who refuse to join.

The Department of Social Services says because the Australian Indigenous Ministries took the appropriate steps to join the scheme, they will not be subject to financial consequences.

While it is not yet known when or how survivors of Retta Dixon will be compensated, the department says those who have named Australian Indigenous Ministries in their application can access free support services through the Scheme which includes legal advice and counselling.