Queensland’s residential care system will undergo a review following reports of abuse and neglect.

Known as ‘resi-care’, the system is considered a ‘last resort’ for children who aren’t able to be taken in under a kinship placement or by foster carers.

Currently there are almost 500 children under the age of 12 in residential care in Queensland – more than double the number there were three years ago.

Child safety minister Craig Crawford ordered the review on Monday, saying he was ‘deeply concerned’ by reports of alleged criminal behaviour, abuse and neglect in the system.

“I encourage any care worker who is worried to immediately report any criminal activity to the Queensland police service.”

Queensland’s Family and Child Commissioner, Luke Twyford, told ABC radio the review will focus on all the ‘moving parts’ of the residential care system.

Commissioner Twyford said he had asked for a particular focus on First Nations children, disabled children and those under the age of 12 are handled by the system.

A roundtable meeting will be held later in the year to discuss the findings.