Data from an upcoming report has found First Nations People are experiencing an increased level of harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Early findings from the Diversity Council Australia’s upcoming Inclusion@work Index found six in 10 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander workers experienced harassment in the work place in 2023, a nine per cent increase since 2021.

Half of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander workers reported sometimes, often or always being ignored by people at work and being left out of social gatherings.

In response to the figures the University of Technology Sydney will be providing information for originations to better support First Nation’s Staff in a free online event on the 20th of July.

Speaking to the ABC Professor Nareen Young from the University of Technology Sydney’s Jumbunna institute says the figures were disappointing but not surprising.

“We know anecdotally that there is not an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person in the country who doesn’t know exactly what happens to our people at work.

So not surprised at all, very disappointed that there is this increase.”

Image Credit: Rodbauer