Prime Minister Scott Morrison is copping fresh blow back for comments suggesting that we should sympathise for the people who were on the ships that landed on January 26, 1788.

Speaking to the media, Morrison said it wasn’t particularly a flash day for those on the vessels either.

Shadow Minister Indigenous Australians, Linda Burney says Mr Morrison should know better and how can we expect to see real progress on issues such as Reconciliation and Closing the Gap when he makes such ignorant and unhelpful comments like this? Suffering is not a competition.

Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe Says A person fit to lead this country would acknowledge this day for what it is – as a Day of Mourning.

The Prime Minister’s comments are a continuation from his condemnation of Cricket Australia’s move to drop ‘Australia Day’ from its Big Bash League promotions.

Cricket Australia has stood firm on their decision saying they acknowledged the move would attract criticism.

Mr Morrison’s criticisms of Cricket Australia have drawn condemnation from First Nations people, politicians and journalists.