An Indigenous researcher this week claimed that it’s a ‘noisy minority’ who oppose Australia Day and that most Aboriginal people celebrate the day.

The comment comes following a call by Federal MP for Warringah Zali Steggall for her electorate to hold a minute silence on January 26.

She wrote to Sydney mayors this week asking they observe a minute’s silence to acknowledge the suffering of Indigenous people caused by the commencement of invasion.

The suggestion has been rebuffed by new citizenship minister Alex Hawke, who told media the idea was “ill-considered” and would only increase divisions.

Ms Steggall says the response show’s Mr Hawke is out of touch.

Australian Catholic University researcher Dr Anthony Dillon told Sydney’s 2GB that changing the day will not make a difference.

Despite Dr Dillon’s comments, many show up to events around the country every year to mark January 26 as Invasion Day, Survival Day, Day of Mourning and Aboriginal Sovereignty Day.

A Brisbane activist says anyone claiming that it’s only a minority of Indigenous people who mark January 26 as Invasion Day, needs to go to a rally and see how many turn up.

Gomeroi man and rally organiser for Brisbane, Boe Spearim says whoever asked Mr Dillon about the topic is after click bait.