The Central Land Council is calling for the Federal and Northern Territory Governments to get past their stalemate on remote housing because it’s mob in the bush who are suffering in the meantime.

The Federal and Territory Governments are feuding over a deal on remote housing due conditions the Gunner Government says were added in by the Commonwealth in the 11th hour.

The Commonwealth pledged to match the NT Government’s funding commitment which would see $1.1 billion pumped into housing for the Territory’s remote communities over five years.

However, the Federal Government has not released its portion of the funding because it wants the NT’s Land councils to have responsibility for housing and for Indigenous people to make up 100 per cent of the workforce in delivering dwellings.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner rejected the conditions and has threatened back away from the responsibility for remote housing.

The Central Land Council’s Policy Manager Dr Josie Douglas says that would not be a good outcome.


She says the CLC wants to be at the table with the Federal and NT Governments.