Young offenders alleged to have breached their bail conditions are set to be taken into custody automatically under the Northern Territory government’s proposed crackdown on crime.

Police will be given more powers to immediately place electronic monitoring on alleged offenders and breath test children without an adult guardian present.

Youths accused of re-offending while on bail, breaching electronic monitoring conditions or curfew, failing to attend court or complete diversion programs will have their bail revoked.

Bail is a privilege, not a right, chief minister Michael Gunner told reporters on Tuesday.

“Today we’re announcing a new sweep of measures that will help make Territorians safer…we are saying that if you commit a serious breach of bail, bail will be revoked.”

“We are also giving police extra ability and more circumstances in which they can apply electronic monitoring.”

There are 43 times the number of Aboriginal children locked up behind bars in the NT than non-Indigenous children.

The move has been criticised as “regressive”, “harmful” and flying in the face of the royal commission by Indigenous advocates.

Change the Record executive officer Sophie Trevitt said the presumption of innocence until proven guilty “seems to fly out the window” when it comes to Aboriginal children.

“This is the same mentality as mandatory sentencing – politicians thinking they know better than judges & will just drive kids into the system,” Ms Trevitt said on Twitter.