The NSW government has announced a new program which aims to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children high quality and culturally inclusive childhood education and care.

The state’s department of education has partnered with the Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care’s (SNAICC) NSW body THRYVE.

The Partnership will see THRYVE providing assistance for workforce planning, design and delivery, and other forms of support for Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations running early childhood education and care services in the state.

The body will also be able to speak on critical issues in the sector.

The collaboration is part of the government’s wider “First Steps Aboriginal Children Strategy,” which sees $23 million in funding from 2021-2025 to provide better outcomes for Indigenous Children in NSW.

SNAICC will also complement the Department of Education’s 10-year partnership with the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group.

Deputy Premier and Education Minister Prue Car says the partnership shows the depth of the government’s commitment to providing “culturally safe, inclusive, and quality early childhood education and care,” and will help make real progress on the state’s Closing the Gap goals.

THRYVE NSW Director Renee Leslie says ““Embracing culture and identity is at the heart of getting the best outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.”

“Our role is to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services, elevate their voices and
provide practical support to help them optimise children’s learning, development and connection
to culture so they are ready for school.”