A new report on the state of the environment has warned our climate is entering ‘uncharted territory’ as we push the planet into ‘dangerous instability.’

The alarming language is part of the latest State of the Climate report produced by 12 international scientists.

The authors of the report have pointed to specific climate events this year – including major heat waves across the globe, historic and record-breaking ocean temperatures and new low levels of sea ice in Antarctica.

Writing in the journal Biosciences, the researchers, spanning North America, Europe and Asia, state in unusually stark language: “As scientists, we are increasingly being asked to tell the public the truth about the crises we face in simple and direct terms. The truth is that we are shocked by the ferocity of the extreme weather events in 2023.”

Australian co-author Dr Thomas Newsome told the ABC that the strong language in the report is necessary.

“Yes, purposefully strong language because the trends that we’re plotting from our point of view are alarming.”