The Federal Labor government is being accused of keeping a climate change report under wraps.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese hasn’t announced when a report which outlines the effects climate change will have on Australia’s national security will be released, telling the senate “the content and judgments of the assessment are classified.”

When the federal government upped Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target it highlighted the importance of creating “an urgent climate risk assessment of the implications of climate change for national security.”

Greens Senator David Shoebridge has told the Guardian Australia it is “bizarre that the government won’t even reveal the date the climate risk assessment was completed.

When you can’t even get the date of a high-profile, publicly acknowledged report then you know that something’s gone wrong with the cult of secrecy in Canberra.”

The Confusion around the report comes at a time were the Bureau of Metrology says there is a 70 per cent chance of an El Nino weather event reaching Australia between September and November.

It’s expected that an El Nino System will bring hot, dry and potentially fiery weather over the Summer.