An increasing number of women are being sentenced to prison in Queensland with First Nations women making up almost a third of those being sentenced.

The number of women being sentenced to prison in the state has quadrupled since 2005, rising from 485 women in that year to more than 2000 in 2019.

As of March this year Queensland holds the highest number of imprisoned women in the country, making up 28 per cent of the national female prison population.

Statistics show women in remote parts of the state are far more likely to be incarcerated, with 35.6 per 1000 women sentenced to prison compared to just under ten in 1000 in major cities.

The statistics were released as the state government rejected a bill put forward by Greens MP Michael Berkman this week aimed at raising the age of criminal responsibility.

The bill sought to raise the age of criminality to 14, in line with international recommendations, but failed to pass with both Labor and the Opposition voting it down.

State attorney general Shannon Fentiman said any changes to the age of criminal responsibility should be decided at a national level.