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One of Australia’s largest Land Council’s, representing thousands of Indigenous people from the southern part of the Northern Territory says Jacinta Nampijinpa Price does not speak for them or the majority of Aboriginal people.

Following her promotion to shadow Indigenous Affairs minister, Senator Price claimed NT authorities were returning fostered Aboriginal children to abusive homes, and recently appeared in an advertisement backing the ‘no’ campaign against an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Central Land Council (CLC) deputy chair Warren Williams, from Yuendumu, said in a statement on Thursday the members are sick of Senator Price’s continued attacks on land councils and other peak Aboriginal organisations in the Northern Territory.

“We are tired of her playing politics with the grass roots organisations our old people have built to advocate for our rights and interests.”

Mr Williams said by generalising about Aboriginal people without any evidence and authority, Senator Price is hurting Aboriginal people.

“We have many good men and women who are trying hard to make our communities better places, who are desperate to be heard, and Senator Price’s divisive approach isn’t helping,” he said..

“Her people are the non-Aboriginal conservatives and the Canberra elite to which she wants to belong.

“She should tell us what her grievances with the CLC are, and if she can really and truly listen to us she is welcome to attend our next council meeting.”

Lajamanu community leader and Warlpiri woman Valerie Patterson says Senator Price is misrepresenting the support for the voice in remote communities.

“I am a Warlpiri woman and I will vote yes because I believe that having the right to be heard by the parliament and the government will open a door for our children,” Ms Patterson said.

“Senator Price should support us, not tell lies about us.”

Valerie Patterson

Mr Williams said Senator Price needs to educate herself about the views of Yapa [Warlpiri for Aboriginal people].

“We’ve never seen her on communities. She needs to get down to the grass roots and find out the truth, not just speak with to the few people who will talk to her.”