The Productivity Commission says we need to demystify data and is encouraging First Nations people to watch the data that is being released online for the Close the Gap campaign.

The Commission today released its latest round of data relating to the campaign’s targets through its online dashboard designed to let policy makers and the public see the information as its collected, rather that waiting for the annual report once a year.

The Closing the Gap Information Repository on the Productivity Commission’s website includes a Dashboard with the latest data relating to targets and indicators as well as an Annual Report that shows a point-in-time snapshot of the dashboards data.

Djugun man Commissioner Romlie Mokak says the public reporting of Closing the Gap information works as an accountability mechanism to those involved in the agreement and our mob should be aware of what’s going on.

Commissioner Mokak spoke to Adam Evans about how Closing the Gap information is made available and why it’s important to pay attention to it.

You can access the Productivity Commission’s Closing the Gap Information Repository here.