A charity organisation which aims to mentor Indigenous musicians has won a grant to ensure it can continue to work across rural Australia.

The Bush Music Fund has won the UNIFIED Grant which aims to drive innovation and invest in creative projects that have the power to ignite positive change in Australia’s music industry.

Along with the $5,000 dollars each recipient receives, they get industry support from the UNIFIED Group.

Yolngu man Arian Pearson is a producer and is the co-founder of the fund.

“Any help is great, it’s great to win it and be a part of it,” he said.

“It’s a new venture for us to help our mob, I’m a Yolngu man from North East Arnhem Land, and I’ve grown up with music and it’s given me pathways and opportunities.

The Bush Music Fund was created to support and promote the rich musical heritage of rural and regional areas, specifically focusing on the unique music of Indigenous music. Image Supplied.

So a part of doing this, and having the ability to be a part of this to help Indigenous artists to get to where they want to be in the future, whether it’s in their future careers, and to have something like this to support their further careers in music.”

The funding will help bands in the next step of their sonic journeys by buying equipment, recording tracks, setting up tours and mentorship programs.

“Bush Music Fund gives them that opportunity to connect with people, and share their music.”

Mr Pearson says a recent ARIA topping surf rock band demonstrates how great bush music is.

“King Stingray came from Arnhem Land, and their humble beginnings came from writing bush music.”

He says despite music streaming services making it easier than ever to find an audience, if you’re in the bush it can still be hard to get your music out there.

“Part of that career pathway and learning is understanding how to promote your music as well on streaming, and on platforms the internet.

You have to have a plan for marketing and recording as well, a structured plan of your album, after your album’s finished what do you do after, what’s the next step, what’s steps do we take next to showcase your music on different platforms so it could go on Triple J, and then it grows from there.”

Image Supplied.