Today the coronial inquest into the death of three Aboriginal women from Doomadgee continues in Cairns.

All three women presented to Doomadgee Hospital, Gidgee Healing & other medical services on multiple occasions but were either turned away or given Panadol.

The inquest is investigated the circumstances surrounding the deaths, as well as the adequacy of care provided by Doomadgee Hospital and Gidgee Healing.

Yesterday, community leader and family member Alec Doomadgee concluded with an address to the court.

He said, “they died due to the treatment they received at the hands of the health system in this country. Systemic racism is rife throughout the health system, institutionalised racism is there. And we must address it”.

Today the inquiry will hear from doctors and nurses from both Doomadgee Hospital and Gidgee Healing.