The National Peak for First Nations health says a proposal to broaden the scope of pharmacists will erode the quality of care given to our mob.

A trial program in Queensland expands pharmacists prescription powers allowing them to prescribe medication for minor conditions.

South of the boarder, New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet is also considering a similar trial.

CEO for the National Community Controlled Health Organisation, Pat Turner says “These trials threaten to further fragment care for priority conditions such as otitis media and hearing loss, hepatitis management, and further exacerbate the crisis in antimicrobial resistance seen in many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.”

Upon it’s establishment, the Queensland trial was criticised by Director of clinical health services at the Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services Aboriginal Corporation in Yarrabah, Dr Jason King.

He said there was evidence of the patients being diagnosed incorrectly.

Professor Steve Robson has also taken aim at the program saying patients don’t walk into a pharmacy with their diagnosis written on their forehead. Patients go in with conditions. GPs are trained to diagnose, work out what the problem is.

A conflict of interest has also been pointed out with pharmacists being able to prescribe their own products.