A researcher from Adelaide University says while there are some good things happening in the health sector for Kidney disease patients, much more needs to be done.

The comment follows the release of a review into how fit the health sector is in dealing with Indigenous people with kidney disease.

The review, conducted by Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet and Adelaide University, also highlighted work around addressing systemic and institutional racism.

Janet Kelly is a researcher with Adelaide University and is also a nurse.

She says Indigenous people are not getting on the list for a kidney transplant at the same rate as non-Indigenous people so there’s a lot work that is needed in caring for patients in other ways and helping them navigate the system.

Kelli Owen is a Ngarrindjeri/Kaurna/Nurrunga woman and is also the Community Engagement Coordinator for the National Indigenous Kidney Transplantation Taskforce.

Ms Owen has had a long journey dealing with kidney disease and eventually received a transplant.

She says there were many challenges traveling a great distance for treatment.

Ms Owen says when she was able to receive care on country, it made it a lot easier.