Wangan and Jagalingou traditional owners will argue in the federal court today (Tuesday) that members of the group who took payments from Indian mining company Adani should be axed as representatives.

The case comes from a split within the group following revelations that four members of the W&J group received $4,000 each from Adani to meet and revive a land use deal for the Carmichael mine in Queensland.

The Wangan & Jagalingou group is led by activist Adrian Burragubba, who will seek to have the four pro-Adani representatives sidelined.

The Queensland and federal government are set to back the pro-Adani members during the court case.

Lawyers for the four will argue that the sitting fees were legitimate reimbursement for travel, accommodation or expenses related to attending a meeting and were therefore not required to be submitted to a trust for the group.