The company behind a $44 billion liquefied gas project in the Northern Territory has asked the Federal Government to release it from $30 million worth of promised environmental offset projects.

Government approval of the ‘Icthys’ project was granted on the condition that the company, INPEX, deliver $91 million of environmental projects over the 40-year life of the project.

One of the major projects INPEX is looking to dump is a $24 million partnership with First Nation’s rangers that would provide for co-management of dugong, coastal dolphins and turtles along roughly 300 kilometres of coastline.

The general manager of INPEX, Sean Kildare, says the assessed environmental risks are no longer relevant and unlikely to be realised in future.

David Morris, Principal lawyer for the Environmental Defenders Office Northern Territory, says it is important that the government react strongly to the proposal.



The Department of the Environment has been contacted for comment.