The Queensland state government has announced a new step in its renewable energy plan that will give rural and Indigenous communities the ability to generate and house their own clean energy.

The Queensland Microgrid Pilot Fund is a $10 million dollar fund aiming to give remote communities energy and network resilience and contribute to the decarbonisation of those areas which mainly rely on diesel generators for power.

Microgrids are a small scale, stand-alone electricity system that use house and generate renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energies and can be connected to a wider energy grid or act in a standalone way also known as “Island mode.”

The Fund is offering funding $250,000 for feasibility studies and up to 5 million to build the grids.

QLD Assistant Minister for Hydrogen Development and the 50% Renewable Energy Target by 2030 Lance McCallum says that the fund will be immensely important for rural communities.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons