Indigenous students around the country have made substantial gains in almost all areas of the NAPLAN test since 2008.

The National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy results show improved results in year three and five reading, year three spelling, grammar and punctuation and year five numeracy.

West Australia and Queensland recorded the largest improvements – with the percentage of Indigenous Queensland students achieving the highest Band 6 more than tripling since 2008.

The improvements come as results show the academic performance for non-indigenous students has ‘flat lined’ since 2015 – with no significant improvements across the board.

Northern Territory students’ literacy and numeracy skills are increasing but still lag behind the rest of the nation.

Northern Territory Education Minister Eva Lawler says the 2016 results indicate improvements for younger children, but more needs to be done to lift outcomes for those students in remote regions.

The NT government has committed to additional funding of $31 million from January 1 next year, including $20 million a year for school budgets, $8 million for early intervention, disability and behaviour programs.