Cyclone Ilsa off the coast of Western Australia has been upgraded to a category two and is expected to increase in intensity before it makes landfall tomorrow.

Current advice is Ilsa is expected to make land fall tomorrow as a category four somewhere between De Grey near Port Hedland and the Aboriginal community of Bidyadanga south of Broome.

Western Australian Bureau of Meteorology Manager, Todd Smith says Ilsa will cause a lot of damage wherever it makes landfall.

He says the latest track map shows the system intensifying to a category four before it crosses the coast.

“Where that system does cross the coast, they’re going to experience some very destructive winds,

Winds in excess of 200 kilometers an hour, they’re going to cause a lot of damage”.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services says Aboriginal communities have been contacted and those in the cyclone’s path are being urged to prepare an emergency evacuation kit.

(IMAGE: BOM Website)