Hundreds of organisations and individuals have joined in a campaign calling for the Federal government to permanently and substantially raise the rate of income support payments for Australians living on social security.

The call comes amid concern about the end of the temporarily increased payments for the coronavirus pandemic, due to end in September.

A recent survey by the National Council of Single Mothers and their Children found the increased JobSeeker payment had given seven out of ten families more healthy options to eat.

The Aboriginal Peak Organisations of the Northern Territory, or APONT, is among the organisations calling for a permanent increase.

In a recent submission to a senate inquiry into the pricing of food in remote communities, APONT wrote the cost of groceries could be as high as 150 per cent of average household income in some communities.

Central Land Council CEO Joe Martin-Jard says raising incomes should go “hand in hand” with a serious commitment to jobs creation in the bush.