A women’s association in a remote Northern Territory community has plans to establish a Kakadu plum cooperative across the top end of Australia.

The Palngun Wurnangat Women’s Association in Wadeye, 400 kilometres south-west of Darwin, is beginning its third wild harvest of the vitamin-c rich Kakadu plum, and is hoping to collect at least six tonnes.

Demand for the fruit has exploded in recent years and it is currently selling for up to $600 a kilogram in its dried powder form.

Fruit from around Wadeye is being sold into the super food industry, the seafood industry and as skin care products.

General Manager of the association Margo Northey says the seasonal work is fantastic for locals.


Ms Northey says scientific developments have opened up new markets for them.

Image: Kakadu plums collected from around the Northern Territory community of Wadeye – ABC/Amy Spear