The federal government has announced a new package to help those who were ripped off by funeral insurer Youpla.

The Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund, owned by collapsed insurance company Youpla, was found to have falsely marketed itself as an Aboriginal organisation to entice mob to sign up to dodgy funeral plans.

They were also found to have targeted Indigenous communities where English wasn’t the first language.

The Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney has announced a $97 million package that will begin on July 1.

She says “This measure will hopefully bring peace of mind to thousands of families impacted by the collapse of the Youpla Group.”

It will apply to those who have had an active premium on or after August 1, 2015, and will be paid 60 per cent of the premiums they paid.

Gunditjmara woman Nikki Foy is among many who have been ripped off by the scheme.

Ms Foy welcomed the announcement, telling the ABC that she’s not sure how much she will get back but she’s glad it’ll be something.

The Save Sorry Business Coalition is a group of over 130 organisations that has been pushing for support to be given to victims.

One of those organisations is Mob Strong Debt Help and Aboriginal Financial Counsellor Bettina Cooper says the federal government has followed through on a promise.

She says it looks like a fair outcome, while the previous government were unwilling to address the issue, the current government implemented an interim solution that has allowed mob to bury their loved ones.

She says the government made a promise for an enduring solution and they have delivered.

Mob can can register to receive updates and more information about the new scheme at