There are mixed views on whether it’s appropriate to fly the Aboriginal flag at pro-Palestine rallies.

There has been an increasing presence of the flag at rallies since the Israel-Gaza conflict began after October 7.

Former Olympian Nova Peris says the flag is being misappropriated.

Speaking to the ABC, the former senator has accused rally attendees of high-jacking our identity and bringing ‘a foreign conflict and tensions to this country which I love’.

Indigenous voice Yes campaigner Professor Marcia Langton doesn’t support the Aboriginal flag being used this way but is troubled by the death toll in Gaza.

No campaigner Warren Mundine is also against using the flag at pro-Palestine rallies saying that the two peoples aren’t similar through Indigenous status. He says Jewish people are the Indigenous people.

Tarneen Onus-Browne, who organised the Melbourne Invasion Day rally, has told the ABC that Aboriginal and Palestinians share similar experiences of genocide.

She says ‘First Nations people have been in solidarity with Jewish people for a long time and there is a rise in anti-semitism and we need to talk about that, but we also need to look at what’s happening right now.