My105FM is owned and operated by Mackay District Aboriginal & Islander Media Association Ltd.

MDAIMA is headed by a community elected advisory board who regulate compliance and governance of the organisation.

We are a community radio station – under our objectives we encourage participation with the station through membership we welcome input on program ideas and station development.

Volunteerism is vital to the success of community radio, as such most of or staff is made up of volunteers – From Presenters, Technical even some of our Admin Staff volunteer their time to make the Station great – and the community is always encouraged to come into the station to discuss community involvement either in programming, technical, administration, election to the board at AGM etc.

The station was founded with the single goal of providing a professional highly listenable radio service especially for the indigenous community through our development and growth the station is now widely accepted across all sections of community from Indigenous, Australian South Sea Islanders, Ethnic and the wider mainstream community.

We welcome input into our programming and operational areas by the Community Reference Group elected from within the community who meet bi monthly and provide community feedback for us to evaluate how we are travelling.

Reconciliation through broadcasting is our single goal and to provide a service that the whole community can be proud of. The station now offers local programming from a diverse range of presenters 24 hours a day 7 days a week, our main diet is country music splashed with tried and tested legends of music from the 60’s & 70’s , you will also hear Music from The Pacific Islands & Torres Strait Islands. Together with a vibrant range of music recorded in Mackay in our recording studios.

The station also works with other indigenous broadcasters to mentor and where possible assist in provision of programming, we have an ongoing school based trainee program in conjunction with MyTraining Mackay and Triple A Training Brisbane RTO.

We appreciate the participation of the funding by the Federal Government – Indigenous Broadcasting Program, Community Broadcasting Foundation, and the G.C.B.F of Queensland – and we appreciate the support of 4 People Media & Spots and Space who are our national sales and marketing partners.