The Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory has begun with its first directions meeting.

The royal commission was called following the airing of a damning report by the ABC’s 4 Corners program which presented footage showing the mistreatment of youth at the Territory’s Don Dale Juvenile Detention Center.

The Prime Minister promptly called for a royal commission into the Territory’s detention centers, appointing former Territory chief justice Bruce Martin to lead the task.

Justice Martin was dropped from the commission amid concerns of his past involvement in the system which is the subject of the royal commission.

Former Indigenous Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda and former Queensland Supreme Court Justice Margaret White were then appointed to drive the commission.

Mr Gooda has since been labeled bias in reports, following a tweet he made in response to the Don Dale situation which called for the sacking of the NT Government.

Gangulu man Mr Gooda addressed the issue in his opening statement.


He says Government readiness to implement recommendations will contribute to a successful royal commission.