The referendum to enshrine an Indigenous voice in the constitution is “certainly winnable”, the prime minister says, as more Australian stars commit to the ‘yes’ campaign.

All eligible Australians can cast a ballot on whether an Indigenous advisory body should be included in the constitution after a staggered start to early voting due to public holidays in some states and territories. 

With most surveys including Newspoll and the Resolve Political Monitor showing declining support for the voice, things aren’t looking good for the ‘yes’ campaign.

But with just over a week to go until the official polling day on October 14, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says the referendum isn’t over.

“It is certainly winnable,” he told ABC Radio National on Tuesday.

“When people have those one-on-one conversations about what the question is … people who are either undecided or soft ‘no’ voters declare ‘yeah, that’s fair enough.’

“This is the right thing to do, this is consistent with the Australian principle of a fair go.”