A group supporting the Yes vote for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament launched a national advertisement push on Wednesday.

The Yes 23 campaign titled ‘Join Us’ is aiming to be a rallying call for Australians to back constitutional recognition and an Indigenous Voice to parliament.

Yes Campaign Alliance Director, Dean Parkin says that the advertisements will focus on resetting the discussion around the Voice.

Parkin says debate around voice so far have been too Canberra-centric, alienating a majority of Australia.

Instead, the ‘Join Us’ campaign will feature a raft of Indigenous leaders from both urban and rural communities.

In a video released on Wednesday narrated by Gadigal elder Uncle Allen Madden, the campaign asks Australians to fix a long overdue issue in Australia’s constitution by voting yes for constitutional recognition.

Last week the no campaign launched their own advertisement campaign focusing on Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians Jacinta Price and her family.

Parkin says the yes campaign will be ramping up their advertisement blitz in the near future which is expected to include material from multiple sporting codes.

“This isn’t about one person or one organisation or one community.

The yes campaign, the very model, is an alliance based model; supportive organisations getting onboard, doing the hard yards, engaging their communities.

Our movement is one of many people, many voices, which is representative of the support for a successful yes vote, he said.

Check out the new campaign here:

The new Yes 23 ad campaigning for an Indigenous voice to parliament.

Image Credit: Yes 23 Via Youtube