The No vote prevailed in the referendum to enshrine an Indigenous voice to parliament within the constitution over the weekend.

The ACT is the only jurisdiction that voted in favor of the voice for parliament and Queensland registered the highest ‘no’ vote.

41 per cent voted for and 59 per cent were against in New South Wales with the same result shown in Tasmania.

South Australia and Western Australia had the highest number of No votes behind Queensland with both recording over 60 per cent against.

The federal electorate with the highest ‘yes’ vote was Greens leader Adam Bandt’s Melbourne electorate at 78 per cent while the LNP’s David Littleproud’s electorate in western Queensland scored the highest ‘no’ vote with over 84 percent opposing it.

Following the result on Saturday, the Yes23 campaign called for a week of silence to grieve the outcome and reflect on its meaning and significance.

In a statement released on Instagram, they say they will be lowering their flags and called on others to do the same.

Many on social media have changed their profile pictures to a solid black image to reflect their morning of the result.

The federal government have yet to announce the next step with reports that some ministers are in favor of an interim listening mechanism to give advice directly to the Prime Minister.